30 3 / 2013


So last night I decided to make a “fancy” grilled cheese. I thought of it while at work and decided to stop my Murrarys Chesse in Grand Central. (Totally plugging Murray’s right now because they are AWESOME and I love Murrarys Cheese and ALL the people that work there are wonderful)

So after testing a few cheeses I decided to go with a couple favorites of mine. 

The cheese…

2 sisters Isabella Gouda

Tickler Cheddar

After grabbing the cheese I grabbed some other ingredients for this soon to be delicious grilled cheese. I like caramelized  onions and thought they would make a great addition.  Also in on this mix would be some Granny Smith apples because a nice bitter crunch would be good with the nutty creamy cheese blend.

The extras…

Green apple

Sweet Onion

Fresh Rosemary


Next the bakery.  I went to the bakery earlier that day and they had Rosemary focaccia. I LOVE rosemary focaccia! It was the light and perfect bread for my Fancy Grilled Cheese. 


They were sold out when I went back that afternoon. 

 So plan B…

Rosemary ciabatta. You may ask, “Cas, what’s the big deal? What is the difference?” Well the difference is that focaccia is a nice, light, soft, buttery bread that when making the grilled cheese it would be nice because the outside will get hard but not too hard. With ciabatta well…. It’s a little tough bread. When using ciabatta you’re gonna make a tough bread a little tougher and this might not be everyone’s first choice. But enough about that. On with the grilled cheese making. 

The bread…

Rosemary focaccia  Rosemary Ciabatta

Now here is what you need to do. 

So you want to slice the onions. Basically make little half circles. Then you need to roughly chop a sprig of fresh rosemary. 

In a saute pan put 1 tablespoon of butter and a little olive oil, on medium heat. The olive oil is important to make sure the butter doesn’t burn and the onions get a nice dark golden brown.


While the onions are caramelizing go ahead and slice the green apple to thin slices, but not too thin. 

When the onions are almost done through in the roughly chopped Rosemary. This will add lots of extra flavor and fry the rosemary. 


once the onions are done go ahead and spread them out on the ciabatta thats been cut sandwich size and in half. Then place the cheese, apples and more cheese. 

Heat on a flat skillet until bread is lightly brown and cheese is melted. And then Boom its done and you’ve got yourself a fancy Grilled cheese.